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Quality Management System (QMS)
Having come from the industry where people’s lives are on the line, the owner and senior staff of Virginia Electronic Systems have firsthand experience, knowledge, and respect for the critical requirements to maximize safety, quality, and performance.  Our unique perspective has led to instilling a culture of quality throughout the organization, where customer service and quality are a part of the fabric of doing business. As such, we utilize a total Quality Management System (QMS) approach to ensure quality is maintained at the highest level possible throughout the entire business, and in the performance, at all levels, of our daily work.  

Continual improvement drives VES’ QMS by utilizing a customer-oriented business process management systems method of developing and adopting people, systems, and processes that continually improve efficiency and effectiveness.  VES listens to our customers.  Understanding the customer’s requirements and expectations is key to delivering those expectations and requirements.  VES takes the time to communicate and meet with the customer, bringing clarity from all perspectives to the specifications and delivery objectives.  Additionally, continuous interaction with the customer throughout the process is critical to provide status updates, understanding of cost, schedule, and performance, analyze impact of changes, and collaboratively work on issues.  VES communicates the Customer’s requirements internally throughout all levels of the organization to transfer the metrics required to meet the customer’s expectations.  Service & Product Realization methods ensure quality through project planning, and management reviews, capability analysis, staffing, documentation, training, lean initiatives, systems, and monitoring, supported by a system of cross checking at all levels of the organization.  Additional elements to ensure quality include, customer requirements management, advanced quality planning, concurrent engineering, design verifications, engineering change, inventory and traceability, control plans, product and process validations, and work instructions and procedures.  Continual measurement, analysis and improvement close the loop.  VES’ fact-based, experience proven, data-driven philosophy combined with the continuous culture of seeking ways to improve quality or services provided lead to establishing Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to monitor cost, schedule, and performance.  Process monitoring, measurement systems analysis, internal audits, customer communication, management reviews, time keeping, and cost segregation systems are other methods of monitoring performance and providing continual feedback to ensure customer cost, schedule, and performance requirements are met.